Paraline manufactures a wide variety of power transformers. They are available in 16 sizes, 36 secondary voltages and 13 case style variations totaling over 3,400 different types.

There are 15 general series designations. Each series is designed to suit the requirements of your particular application. A brief description of each series can be viewed here.

The next time you have a transformer requirement, allow us to assist you. Paraline Transformer takes great pride in the extensive selection of our stock line transformers.

If your requirements cannot be met by our stock line, we will assist you in designing the exact transformer you need. Our production facility combines automation, robotics and human ingenuity, which allows us to produce consistent high quality parts with competitive pricing. All Paraline transformers are manufactured in the United States of America.

Paraline has been a division of ARGA Controls since 2004.


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